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White Lotus … your one-stop-shop for safe products. Buy safe! No harmful chemicals in any of our products..
Blueair Air Purifier 400 Series
Blueair 403 HEPA air purifier
The Blueair 400 Series provides exceptio...
Karen's Botanicals 1-2-3 Complete Facial Care Set for normal to dry skin
Karen's Botanicals 1-2-3 complete facial care set cleans, tones and moisturizes normal to dry skin
Use Karen's Botanicals 1-2-3 method of c...
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“Every question you will ever have, the answer you will find in nature.”
Bryce Courtenay, The Power of One
This website has an important mission many people are embracing, and joining us is bringing a lot of fun, satisfaction and better health to our customers! Our mission is to help you replace the everyday products you use containing harmful, toxic, and/or carcinogenic chemical ingredients with safer, healthier, more pure products to support your health—and your family's!
Today, even the newer brands we believe to be the most safe (because they base all their marketing on being green or eco-friendly), more often than not still contain toxic chemicals (read the labels and you'll see this is true!). We must be vigilant in our selection of products. Every time we purchase harmful product, we are casting our vote that we want manufacturers to continue selling us harmful ingredients.
Pure products are hard to find. It takes a great deal of time and research. White Lotus Living has done the research for you. Our customers know they are casting their votes for only the safest, purest products. As consumers, we have more power than we know. When the majority of us begin to exercise our purchasing votes for pure products, the manufacturers will change and give us what we want. Make your commitment today to shop for only the best! To your health!!
White Lotus Living is your one stop shop to create a natural home environment.


Moisturizers made with pure plant ingredients soothe your skin naturally!

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Skin Care

All-natural, organic favorites for the most sensitive, youthful-looking skin!

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Personal Care

Treat yourself! The best chemical-free personal care products available!

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Chemical-free cosmetics are essential to the health of women and teens!

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Natural Remedies

Mother nature helps our bodies heal themselves as life intended!

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Stress Reduction

Many types of stress abound in our society today. We have natural remedies to in...

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Baby, Child & Mom

Keep you and your baby safe and healthy with the purest chemical-free products!

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Food & Nutrition

Pure food energizes your body and keeps you healthy.

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Ayurveda is an ancient solution to modern problems requiring quick, effective so...

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Your home and garden can be chemical-free if you choose carefully and commit to ...

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Sampling and testing White Lotus Living products will help you feel confident in...

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Special Gifts!

People cherish truly natural products! There is a special fragrance and feel to ...

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It's next to impossible to find chemical-free, natural mattresses, beds and bedd...

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Shop with confidence at White Lotus Living- pure products for healthy life!
Free from harmful synthetic chemicals
Manufactured using eco- friendly processes
Not tested on animals
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Great site! I have not found another site offering green products that was able to offer so much ...
- Ann
I want to share how much I like Jan's products—the ease of ordering them through her website, the...
- Robin


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